How Do We Show You How You Are Doing ?


  1.   We advise all clients to avail themselves of their custodian brokerage firm’s online client portal.  That way you can see day by day (or moment to moment if you wanted to!) exactly how your portfolio is performing.

    2.   We provide a quarterly performance review that shows not only how you did for the quarter but how you did versus the Dow, the S&P 500, and the Nasdaq.  We are proud of our performance and show it via a chart that is easily read for your comparison.

    3.   Mr. Shaefer writes frequent articles for the investing public.  These articles appear on Seeking Alpha and TalkMarkets, but are also available via your web browser’s search function or on other investing sites.  *In addition* Mr. Shaefer also writes weekly articles behind a paywall on Seeking Alpha.  Stanford Wealth clients receive this (normally $379 a year) service completely gratis.  Thank you for being our client!


Of course, all Stanford Wealth client portfolios are individually managed to match each client’s goals and risk parameters.   And remember, as well: “Past results are no guarantee of future performance.”  Our performance may simply have been good luck during these past 30 years!